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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File Image)
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (File Image)

China extends sympathy to Imran Khan over assassination attempt

ANI | Updated: Nov 07, 2022 22:35 IST

Beijing [China], November 7 (ANI): China on Monday extended its sympathy to former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and wished him a speedy recovery, two days after he was attacked during his long march in Punjab province on Friday.
"We have taken note of the reports. We extend our sympathy to Mr. Imran Khan and wish him a speedy recovery," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during a press conference.
This comes in the wake of the assassination attempt on Imran Khan's life shot during his long march in Punjab Province's Wazirabad on Thursday. He has since held both the coalition government and military establishment responsible for the attack.
Imran Khan has written a letter to the country's President Arif Alvi, asking him to act against the "abuse of power and violations of laws and Constitution."
"No person or State institution can be above the law of the land. We have been seeing a massive abuse of citizens at the hands of rogue elements within State organisations, including custodial torture and abductions all carried out with impunity. You hold the highest Office of State and I am requesting you to act now to stop the abuse of power and violations of our laws and of the Constitution, which ensures the fundamental rights of every citizen," Khan wrote in a letter to Alvi.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief appealed to Pakistan's President to take note of the serious wrongdoings that undermine the country's national security and to institute an inquiry to identify the guilty.
On Sunday, Imran Khan said the Punjab Police has refused to register an FIR against DG(C) ISI Major General Faisal Naseer to probe the officer's alleged involvement in the assassination attempt.
In a press conference in Lahore, Imran Khan said, "Punjab Police said they are ready to register FIR against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah but not against DG (C) ISI Faisal Naseer."
Imran Khan held the three men accountable for the attack during his long march.
"I fully believe these three have done this (attack) through a conspiracy. It's my right [to register case]. I'm the leader of the biggest political party and ex-PM and if I can't get his name in the FIR then I ask what [rights can be expected] for the nation and for the common man?" Imran Khan said as per Dawn's transcript of his conference. (ANI)