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Japanese lawmakers to set up nonpartisan group for Hong Kongers

ANI | Updated: Jul 20, 2020 10:11 IST

Tokyo [Japan], July 20 (ANI): With the enactment of national security law in Hong Kong, Japan is one among several countries who have come forward to assist the citizens wanting to flee the city to save their lives.
The NHK World-Japan has reported that the Japanese lawmakers are formulating plans to set up a nonpartisan group to protect people in Hong Kong.
They will be urging the government to extend the period of stay of Hong Kongers in Japan without visas, and also ease the requirement for obtaining working visas.

They will also be pursuing the enactment of legislation that would allow the Diet to probe into cases of human rights violation in Hong Kong. The legislation will also seek sanctions, such as freezing of assets of those involved in the abuse.
Former defense minister Nakatani Gen of the governing Liberal Democratic Party, Lower House member Yamao Shiori of the Democratic Party for the People, and others will launch the group on July 29, the NHK Work-Japan reported.
Beijing drafted and passed the legislation late last month that targets acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces, with punishments of up to life in prison for the most serious offences.
The move came after months of social upheaval triggered by opposition to a now-withdrawn extradition bill but that morphed into wider demands, including universal suffrage.
In the past few days, the ugly face of national security law was revealed as the pro-China government put a ban on several slogans and annual pro-democracy march. Besides, several pro-democracy books were stopped from lending and the schools were even ordered to review their book collections and remove titles that may breach the national security law. (ANI)