The March 7 (local time) blackout in Venezuela
The March 7 (local time) blackout in Venezuela

Maduro decries 'electric war' by USA against Venezuela

ANI | Updated: Mar 08, 2019 17:30 IST

Caracas [Venezuela], Mar 8 (ANI): Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decried the "electric war directed by US imperialism" against Venezuela, as a blackout hit 22 out of 23 states here on Thursday evening (local time).
"The electric war announced and directed by US imperialism against our people will be defeated. Nothing and no one will be able to defeat the people of Bolívar and Chávez. Maximum unity of the patriots!" Maduro tweeted in Spanish.
The blackout led to chaos as subway, telephone and internet services were wiped out on Thursday evening. Non-operational traffic lights led to major traffic jams, as the electricity went out while workers were leaving their offices in the evening.
People resorted to banging pots and pans near their windows in protests, according to Deutsche Welle.
"Chaos, worry and outrage. This blackout demonstrates the inefficiency of the usurper. The recovery of the electricity sector and the country goes through the cessation of the usurpation," self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido tweeted.
"We have El Guri, Tocoma and Caruachi. We have Planta Centro and Tacoa. We have water, oil and gas. But unfortunately, we have a usurper in Miraflores," read another tweet in Spanish, in reference to Maduro.
On January 23, opposition leader Guaido proclaimed himself as the new President of Venezuela, dismissing Maduro's leadership amidst cheering protesters. The self-proclaimed President's bid was immediately supported by the USA, who recognised him as the interim President of the South American nation and rallied for other countries to support Guaido.
Maduro has held on to his post despite calls for fresh elections by the international community, reinforcing that he would continue being the President of Venezuela. Countries like China, Russia have denounced external interference in Venezuela, despite most of the global community extending its support to Guaido. (ANI)