Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (file photo)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (file photo)

Maduro vows to protect Venezuela's 'key' infrastructure

ANI | Updated: Mar 16, 2019 17:21 IST

Caracas [Venezuela], Mar 16 (ANI): Still in the throes of a political crisis, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has vowed to make "powerful changes" in the national government's working, to protect the "strategically important key infrastructure" of the Latin American nation.
Asking his ministers to "rule together with the people," Maduro said: "Soon, I will announce new powerful changes in ways of the national government’s work."
"I would like to inform you about the creation and launch of the new structure to protect the strategically important key infrastructure of Venezuela," Sputnik quoted him as saying during a speech at the Presidential Palace here.
He decried the blackout - which Venezuela recently faced - as a "cyberattack against the Venezuelan electric energy system", calling it a "terror act" by the US government against the Venezuelan people.
Last week, 22 out of 23 states in Venezuela experienced a total blackout when the Guri dam was "sabotaged", according to national electricity supplier Corpoelec. Maduro blamed the United States and opposition leader Juan Guaido for the attack - a charge that has been denied by Washington.
"Venezuelans have defeated this terror attack and we are now preparing to move forward," Maduro said.
On January 23, Guaido declared himself as the President of Venezuela amidst major protests calling for Maduro to step down from his post. The US, while extending its support to Guaido, also rallied for other nations to side with Guaido.
Countries like Japan, UK, Spain recognised Guaido as the interim President, after their ultimatum to Maduro to hold fresh elections expired as the embattled President continues to hold on to his post.
Maduro has accused the US of plotting a coup to overthrow him by supporting Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela. Countries like China, Russia, Turkey amongst others have supported Maduro's bid, slamming external interference in Venezuela.
While Maduro is the elected President of Venezuela, most of the international community have slammed the previous "rigged" elections.
Making things worse, Venezuela's economy is currently grappling with US-imposed sanctions, as a major shortage of medicines and inflation is leading to growing public dissent against the Maduro-government. (ANI)