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Mohajir leader alleges 'ethnic cleansing' by Pakistan

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2018 23:48 IST

London [UK], Oct 27 (ANI): Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder-leader Altaf Hussain released a statement in which he claimed that Pakistan's state machinery was conducting 'ethnic cleansing' of Mohajir natives. 
"The fierce crackdown on residents of Pakistan Quarters has been aimed at eliminating Mohajirs and rendering them slaves. That crackdown was meant to cleanse Mohajirs ethnically, destroy their economy and well-being and make them slaves. Time is up for Mohajirs to rise against this tyranny or else they would have no choice left with them except live like slaves. No matter if they do not rise but his (Altaf Hussain's) voice would keep raised for their rights," read a statement released by Hussain.
The leader of MQM further supported the Mohajirs and cited Indian scholar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who had advised the group to not migrate to Pakistan as the "natives of the nation would never accept them." He also outlined Mohajir's contribution towards nation-building post-partition, while stating, "Sadly, the slaves and servants of the British Empire, the native feuds in Pakistan and the ghoulish military Junta occupied Pakistan."
Hussain mentioned the attrocities against the Mohajirs, who are Muslim immigrants that came from the Indian side after partition. "The founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah was assassinated after he was administered a slow poison repeatedly. First Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khan Liaquat Ali Khan was shot in public in Rawalpindi and when sister of Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah challenged the imposition of Martial Law by the Dictator Ayub Khan, she was declared an agent of India. Ayub had threatened Mohajirs of collective assassination by drowning into the Arabian Sea. Karachi was the Capital of Pakistan but under a planned conspiracy it was shifted to Islamabad for which the military Junta and ghoulish feuds had joined hands together."
He further oulined the Mohajir's continuous support to the Pakistani state and its endeavours, while stating, "Punjabi army and elite conspired against Bengalis, pinned them to the wall and when they waged a war in Bengal, Mohajirs had supported Punjabi army; Punjabi army was defeated to the Indian brigade and had surrendered. At least 90, 000 Pakistani troopers were made Prisoners Of War who returned after two years but not those Mohajirs who fought by the side of Pakistan army. They are yet living in camps of Red Cross in extremely dilapidated conditions. Military Dictator General Ziaul Haq had called them as beggars."
He also levied serious allegations against the Bhuttos and said, "Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had imposed a quota system under which doors for jobs and employments for the Mohajirs were shut. Massacre of Mohajirs during the tenures of Bhuttos was rampant."
Hussain outlined that Pakistan's military "launched a genocide military operation (in 1992) against Mohajirs and the operation is still at work". He further mentioned the origin of MQM and said, "In chain reaction to atrocities and injustices, he (Hussain) laid the foundation of All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization (APMSO) on Jun 11, 1978 but radical Jihadi elements in Karachi University had forced them to leave the University and then Mohajir Qaumi Movement was founded on Mar 18, 1984.
Mohajirs had got a united platform and they had become country’s third largest political force. The military junta had conspired against the Mohajirs and their MQM and bribed Amir Khan and Afaq Ahmed and thus created a fraction named after MQM-Haqiqi."
He further said, "Later, on Jun 19, 1992, the country’s military launched a genocide military operation against Mohajirs and the operation is still at work. Having failed to crush the MQM, the military establishment created more fractions in MQM like PSP and in 2016; they bribed Dr. Farooq Sattar and thus created another fraction named as MQM Pakistan (Bahadurabad gang). The state of Mohajirs today would be totally different provided that Afaq Ahmed, Amir Khan, Anees Qaim Khani, Mustafa Kamal, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Nadeem Nusrat, and others had remained loyal to the MQM and the Mohajirs. It is because of their treason that Mohajirs are now being crushed and the atrocities on the residents of Pakistan Quarters would have not taken place."
The statement further noted "the residents of Pakistan, Martin, Cleaton and Jehangir Quarters have been living in these quarters since the inception of Pakistan and it was time and again decided to award them the right of ownership but the frequently imposed military governments had impeded that process."
He also added that the MQM had pleaded on behalf of the Mohajir's "and the then government had awarded them the ownership certificates and that these residents have also been paying rents to the national exchequer quite regularly."
Hussain said that the residents of these quarters are being rendered homeless today "at the behest of the military and the Chief justice". "The law enforcers had attacked the residents so as to compel them to evacuate their homes like they were the enemies of the country. PTI’s federal and PPP’s provincial governments are cheating on the residents and are holding each other as responsible for the draconian acts of torture," the founder-leader of MQM said in the statement.
“The residents of these quarters have due legal rights to keep their quarters as their property and the government has to recognise this right of theirs.” Unfortunately, the establishment has always supported the aliens’ settlements in Karachi on hilly zones of the city from Manghopir to Sikandarabad but only these quarters of Mohajirs are on target. The establishment wants to convert Karachi a satellite state and it is part of Punjab’s plan to keep Karachi as its colony. Under the same plans, Balochistan is also being handed to China but this would not be allowed to happen until he would breathe his last, he vowed.
He further said that the "betrayal" of the separatist factions that emerged from MQM for the action against the residents. “The action against the residents of these quarters is also due to betrayal of aforementioned elements who had become touts of the military establishment.”
The statement also held Pakistani mainstream media guilty of "criminal negligence", while saying, "The national mainstream media is guilty of criminal negligence over this pure humanitarian matter. Men, women, children and senescent Mohajirs were alike tortured but none of the media condemned that act of brutality. The action is aimed at ethnic cleansing of the Mohajirs which dates back to the inception of Pakistan."
He called for the group to unite and "come forward for the security of the Mohajir Nation". “It is high time for the Mohajirs to get united or else they should be forced to live like slaves. Every single Mohajir irrespective of age and gender has to come forward for the security of the Mohajir Nation and the generations to come,” Hussain said while proclaiming that he "would keep fighting for their (Mohajir's) rights and would never cease to act as he never did in past despite that his brother and nephew were extrajudicially murdered by the country’s armed and intelligence forces".
The statement concluded with Altaf Hussain saying that he cannot be intimidated. “The military establishment and the governments are doing what they could do to get him tapped through the Interpol but it would not intimidate him anyway,” Hussain remarked. (ANI)