Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (file photo)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (file photo)

Nicolas Maduro open to 'adopt a plan' to improve Venezuela's condition

ANI | Updated: May 02, 2019 15:00 IST

Caracas [Venezuela], May 2 (ANI): In an effort to pacify boiling Venezuelans, President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday (local time) announced that he is ready to "adopt a plan" to introduce change in the country's administration "to improve everything."
"I declare Saturday, May 4, and Sunday, May 5, the days of the great national dialogue, actions, and proposals of all representatives of the people’s authority. So that they would tell the Bolivarian government and Nicolas Maduro what is necessary to be changed," TASS quoted Maduro as saying. 
"I want to adopt a plan to change and improve everything, to correct mistakes," Maduro said.
Violent clashes erupted in the south American nation after the self-declared president Juan Guaido announced the beginning of "Operation Freedom" to oust the defiant Maduro regime. 
According to local media, Guaido took the bold step after few of the Maduro-loyal army personnel defected towards Gauido. In the clashes, the main opposition party of Venezuela has claimed that 78 people have sustained injuries 
Soon after the clash, the government "intermittently" blocked social media platforms. 
With this, tension has escalated between Russia and the United States. Each side has blamed others for interfering in the internal matters of the country.
The United States is keeping a close watch on the developments in Venezuela. Washington had immediately extended its support to Guaido, recognising him as the official interim president of the nation.
Other countries like France, Japan, and the UK sided with the United States in recognising Guaido, while countries like China, Russia and Turkey slammed external interference in Venezuela's internal affairs.
Venezuela is also facing an acute economic and humanitarian crisis at the moment, which is worsened by repeated sanctions from the United States.
Maduro's government has continued to deny the existence of a humanitarian crisis in the Latin American nation, blocking off his country from receiving any aid sent by the US. He has also blamed the United States for the blackouts which brought the nation to a standstill recently. (ANI)