Protesters demonstrate outside President Omar al-Bashir’s Office in Khartoum on Thursday.
Protesters demonstrate outside President Omar al-Bashir’s Office in Khartoum on Thursday.

Sudan: Army to hold talks with political parties after government formation, says 'no ambitions to cling to power'

ANI | Updated: Apr 12, 2019 23:21 IST

Khartoum [Sudan], Apr 12 (ANI): Sudan's military council on Friday promised to hold talks with all political parties after forming the government, saying it has no "ambitions to hold the reins of power" following the ousting of President Omar al-Bashir a day before.
However, the proposal was immediately rejected by the Sudanese Professionals' Association (SPA), the group that headed month-long protests in the country and triggered the army to overthrow Bashir, Al Jazeera reported.
Instead, the SPA demanded that the power should be handed over immediately to "a transitional civilian government."
Omar Zein al-Abideen, a member of the transitional military council, was quoted as saying that the body was "ready to step down as early as a month if a government is formed."
He further noted that the solution to the ongoing political crisis in the North African country should come from the protesters.
He said, “We are the protectors of the demands of the people," adding "We are not greedy for power."
"We will not dictate anything to the people. We want to create an atmosphere to manage a peaceful dialogue," he further noted.
Meanwhile, the former President’s National Congress Party was not invited to join the talks as "it is responsible for what happened," al-Abideen said.
"We are not going to intervene. Just give us the government list and we will agree upon it and welcome it," he said.
The SPA has dismissed the council's announcement, saying that it was "not capable of creating change."
According to Anadolu Agency, Bashir has been placed under house arrests and his bodyguards have been detained.
People in Sudan hit the streets after the government increased the prices of bread and fuel in December last year.
In February, a year-long emergency was declared in Sudan by Bashir following continued anti-government protests in the nation.
Around 31 people have lost their lives ever since the protests started two months back, according to official figures. (ANI)