(Photo Credit: Josh Marshall twitter)
(Photo Credit: Josh Marshall twitter)

The ship isn't moving in Suez Canal, but social media memes are

ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2021 18:01 IST

New Delhi [India], March 28 (ANI): Amid continuing efforts to dislodge container ship "Ever Given" wedged in the Suez Canal -- blocking one of the world's most heavily used shipping lanes -- social media has been flooded with memes, making the most of the trade blockade, costing millions with every passing day.
The 1,300-feet-long container ship has been stuck in the passageway in Egypt since Tuesday when it ran around. Several attempts have been made to move it without much success. The only place where things, seemed to have moved, is on the internet.
As hundreds of ships are waiting to pass through the canal, social media users are running amok on Twitter.
Here are some of the funniest memes being shared by people on social media platforms. Some are proposing funny solutions while others are straight-up poking fun at the situation.

Some users were seen recreating the scene and comparing it with a parking pickle.

Another user came up with one ingenious idea as explained in his rough draft.

Meanwhile, one user edited the photo with an image of the recent Hollywood classic King Kong vs Godzilla.

One of the users took up the issue of mental health using a funny meme.

Another user was seen lamenting about his salary woes.

The efforts to dislodge the Ever Given, meanwhile, entered the sixth day on Sunday.
Giving an update on the situation, head of the Suez canal authority, Osama Rabie, said the ship's rudder and propeller had moved, calling it a "positive sign".
The incident involving the 400-meter long ship operated by Taiwan's Evergreen Marine Corp has caused a bottleneck in the vital trade artery connecting the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, with more than 300 ships waiting to enter or complete their journey through the canal.
Cargo will be removed to make the ship lighter if any attempts of using dredging and tugboats at high tide proved difficult. The ship was bound for Rotterdam in the Netherlands from China when it became stuck in the canal. (ANI)