US President Donald Trump (file photo)
US President Donald Trump (file photo)

Trump bashes socialism, extends support for violence-hit Venezuela

ANI | Updated: Feb 24, 2019 03:20 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Feb 24 (ANI): US President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed socialism, extending his support to the people of Venezuela amid reports of raging violence in the Latin American nation due to the standoff on aid.
Trump tweeted a video in which he stated, "The people of Venezuela stand at the threshold of history, ready to reclaim their country and to reclaim their future. The people of Venezuela are standing for freedom and democracy and the United States of America is standing right by their side. Socialism promises a better future but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past," on February 23 (local time).
He further asked "every member of the Maduro regime" to set their country "free" in the video, which shows him addressing a gathering, in the presence of First Lady Melania Trump.
"Now is the time for all Venezuelan patriots to act together as one united people. We know what freedom can do in Venezuela because we have seen that future right here. We are born free and we will stay free now and forever," he concluded.
The US President's comments come as violence rages on in the Venezuelan town of Urena over the passage of international trade into the South American nation from Colombia. Embattled President Nicolas Maduro had blocked the entry of all aid into Venezuela, rejecting claims of a humanitarian crisis in the South American nation despite opposition leader and self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido seeking help from the international community for the same.
A group of Venezuelans, who are supported by Guaido, tried to bring in aid to Venezuela through Colombia on Saturday, leading to Venezuelan law enforcement resorting to violence against the group which has since been condemned by Guaido.
"The usurping regime uses the vilest acts and tries to burn the truck with humanitarian aid that is in Ureña. Our brave volunteers are making a chain to safeguard food and medicines. The humanitarian avalanche is unstoppable," Guaido tweeted.
Meanwhile, in the wake of the standoff over aid, Maduro announced that all diplomatic ties with Colombia had been severed on Saturday, expelling all Colombian diplomats from its embassy, reports Sputnik.
Maduro has held on to his post in Venezuela, despite calls for fresh elections by protesters and countries like USA, Germany, France, Japan, UK, amongst others. He has shown no signs of stepping down as the President even as countries extend support to Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. (ANI)