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US ready to provide $20 million aid to Venezuela

ANI | Updated: Jan 25, 2019 01:58 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 25 (ANI): The United States is ready to provide more than USD 20 million in initial humanitarian assistance to Venezuela for the South American country to cope with the severe food, medicine shortages and “other dire impacts of their country’s political and economic crisis” caused by the “illegitimate” Nicolas Maduro regime.
Venezuela’s National Assembly, whose President Juan Guaido has been recognised as the interim President of Venezuela by the United States, had stressed the need for immediate international humanitarian assistance.
“In response, the United States is ready to provide emergency aid throughout Venezuela to help meet the increasingly urgent humanitarian needs of Venezuelans affected by this crisis,” a note issued by the US Department of State mentioned.
“The United States also continues to provide robust support for response efforts throughout the region as the growing impacts of beleaguered President Maduro’s crisis spill into neighbouring countries,” the statement continued.
Furthermore, the United States has claimed to have provided more than USD 140 million in humanitarian and development assistance, since 2017, to support affected countries’ emergency efforts and build their long-term capacity to host the more than three million people who have fled "repression and chaos" in Venezuela since 2014.
“We call on appropriate Venezuelan authorities to immediately implement the critical economic and political reforms necessary to end the hyperinflation, supply shortages, and corruption at the heart of this crisis,” the note further outlined.
“The United States stands with the people of Venezuela and the communities throughout the region that have generously taken in their neighbours during this time of crisis. We commend the contributions of regional governments and all international donors, and encourage additional contributions from the international community to meet growing needs in Venezuela and the region,” the department, helmed by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, mentioned.
The announcement by the United States comes amid political upheaval in the South American nation, with President Nicolas Maduro holding on to his post while opposition leader Guaido has simultaneously sworn himself in as President.
Massive protests erupted across the nation on January 23, with thousands of protesters calling for Maduro’s resignation and for fresh elections to be held. Meanwhile, parallel protests were also held near the Miraflores Presidential palace in support of Maduro.
Furthermore, the elected Venezuelan President, Maduro, had also broken off all diplomatic ties with the US – a decision which has been dismissed by the US who have stated that Maduro does not have any legal authority to do so. (ANI)