A massive power outage hit Venezuela in March.
A massive power outage hit Venezuela in March.

Venezuela: Fresh blackouts hit several districts in Caracas

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2019 10:12 IST

Caracas [Venezuela], July 4 (ANI): Fresh blackouts have swept several districts in the Venezuelan capital Caracas after an accident disrupted the electricity supply in Baruta, according to a government official.
"An accident disrupted electricity supply in Baruta [district]. The residents report that the electricity supply is stable only in Chula Vista, Colinas de Bello Monte and Cumbres de Curumo," Sputnik quoted Darwin Gonsales, the head of Caracas' Baruta neighbourhood, as having said on Wednesday.
He added that "all existing algorithms" for combating the emergency have been activated.
Quoting The Nacional newspaper, the Russian news agency reported that the disruptions in the electricity supply have been occurring for the last three days.
Venezuela faced two major power outages in March this year, out of which one left most of the Latin American nation without electricity supply for several days.
The political situation remains tense in Venezuela after protests against President Nicolas Maduro erupted in January. Opposition leader Juan Guaido proclaimed himself as the President of the nation and was swiftly supported by the United States which recognises him as the official Interim President.
Maduro, meanwhile, has refused to step down from his post and has criticised Washington for interfering in the internal affairs of the country.
While countries such as the UK, Japan and Spain have extended their support to Guaido, Russia, China and Turkey have backed Maduro amid the political crisis. (ANI)