India-Uganda partnership foundation for future economic progress: Amin Mawji

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Kampala (Uganda), Feb. 23 (ANI): Amin M. Mawji, OBE, Diplomatic Representative, Aga Khan Development hailed the growing partnership between India and Uganda, saying the relationship is building the foundation for future economic progress. Mawji said the association between the two countries has been a durable one and was not shaken by any sort of upheaval. "It has been a very durable relationship. It has been a very profitable relationship for both the communities. It is a relationship which is a foundation for future economic progress," Mawji told ANI in an exclusive conversation. Asserting that Uganda is a wonderful place to start a manufacturing industry, Mawji said there is huge pool of labour here, comprising young and talented people. "There is a huge pool of labour, young, talented and bright people coming up who provide a large market on the one hand, a pool of resources, on the other hand, for all kinds of economic activities. The opportunity here is tremendous," he said. Commenting on the trade imbalance, Mawji said Uganda has much to offer to India and so now the opportunity is to make sure that there is enough value addition within Uganda to serve the market in India. "There is an opportunity now to make sure that the resources of Uganda are used to generate products and services for other parts of the world. India is a huge market, over a billion people. Uganda has much to offer, but not just to India, but to Asia and across other parts of Africa too. Mawji reiterated that India-Uganda relationship is a fruitful one and both the countries have a lot to offer each other. (ANI)