US President Donald Trump (file photo)
US President Donald Trump (file photo)

Trump hits out at Media over fake reporting on first US-North Korea summit

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2019 23:39 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 24 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at the 'Fake News Media' which reported that not much had happened during his first meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, which took place on the sidelines of the G7 Summit in Singapore last year.
The US President said that Washington has been successful enough in bringing back the remains of the veterans who had lost their lives while fighting in the Korean War, almost 40 years ago.
The President further stated that the US has been able to terminate the launch of nuclear missiles from North Korean missiles, which had the probability of entering the Japanese airspace.
The US President took to Twitter, saying: "The Fake News Media loves saying “so little happened at my first summit with Kim Jong-Un.” Wrong! After 40 years of doing nothing with North Korea but being taken to the cleaners, & with a major war ready to start, in a short 15 months, relationships built, hostages & remains...."
"...back home where they belong, no more Rockets or M’s being fired over Japan or anywhere else and, most importantly, no Nuclear Testing. This is more than has ever been accomplished with North Korea, and the Fake News knows it. I expect another good meeting soon, much potential!" Trump added.
The statements from the US President came amid reports of a second summit between the US and North Korea which is slated to take place in Vietnam next month.
Kim Jong-Un has repeatedly stated that his government is committed to fulfilling its promise of achieving denuclearisation in the Korean peninsula.
Progress after the first summit has been slow as North Korea has been eyeing sanctions relief. However, the US has insisted that the sanctions would remain intact till the communist country took proper steps for ensuring "fully complete and verifiable denuclearisation." (ANI)