America's enthusiasm has never been higher: Trump in Thanksgiving message

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2017 03:27 IST

Palm Beach (Florida) [United States], November 24 (ANI): In a Thanksgiving video address to Americans, United States President Donald Trump heaped praises on the military, first responders and citizen volunteers, and mentioned the country's high enthusiasm.

"The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher. We're very, very happy on this Thanksgiving Day," Trump said towards the end of a nearly four minute long video.

"Our country is doing very well. Our stock market has hit a new all-time high. Unemployment has hit a 17 year low. We've created $5.5 trillion worth of values. We are doing something very special - people are feeling it," Trump touted.

During the video, Trump, recalled the first Thanksgiving in which pilgrims and Native Americans joined together "to rejoice and praise God."

"Today we give thanks for all of the pilgrims, pioneers and patriots who have gone before us, and for all those warriors who have kept us safe and free," Trump said, adding, "This week, we know that thousands of men and women in uniform won't be able to come home for Thanksgiving. We're eternally grateful for their courage, heroism and sacrifice."

He went on to praise those who volunteer, specifically pointing out those who helped in natural disasters that have struck this year.

'This year, in the face of painful hardships, we have seen the incredible strength of the American spirit,' Trump said.

Earlier, speaking in a live video teleconference from Palm Beach, Florida, Trump told the military troops serving overseas that they were "very, very special people."

He called troops stationed in Afghanistan "brave, incredible fighters" who had "turned it around" in the past three to four months.

The President added, "Everybody's talking about the progress you've made in the last few months since I opened it up," referencing his decision earlier this year to send up to 4,000 more trips to Afghanistan going against his campaign promise to scale back foreign commitments.

"We opened it up; we said go ahead, we're going to fight to win," he said. "We're not fighting any more to just walk around, we are fighting to win."

He also mentioned the ongoing war against terrorism, specifically messaging ISIS.

"The fight against ISIS, it's coming our way. Coming our way. Big, big difference. A lot of things have happened. They say we've made more progress against ISIS than they did in years of the previous administration. That's because I'm letting you do your job."

Trump's video message followed a tweet earlier on the Thanksgiving morning where he touted his administration's accomplishments since he was elected.

"HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well," he tweeted. "Jobs coming back, highest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. taking care of our Vets, great Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, lowest unemployment in 17 years..!"

Trump is spending Thanksgiving with his family at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.