US President Donald Trump (File Photo)
US President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Authorities have arrested over 200 protesters in various US cities: Donald Trump

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2020 07:50 IST

Washington DC [US], Sep 1 (ANI): US President Donald Trump on Monday (local) said that over 200 protesters were arrested in various cities in the ongoing demonstrations across the United States.
"...we have arrested a large number of people, it's over 200. But they have been arrested in various cities throughout the United States. We can solve the problem in Portland in approximately one hour but the Mayor refuses, perhaps for the political reasons," Trump told reporters here.
One person died of bullet injures in a shooting incident in Portland on Saturday (local time) night after an evening of violent clashes in the US state of Oregon.
Slamming the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Trump said: "The wave of violence and destruction that we have seen in recent months have occurred in cities that exclusively controlled and dominated by the Joe Biden's party. Most of them are Democrat-run cities."
"The violence is being fuelled by dangerous rhetoric by far-left politicians that demonise our nation and demonise our police," he added.

He said that "the rioters and Joe Biden have one side. For months, Joe Biden has given moral comfort to the vandals repeating the monstrous lie that these are peaceful protestors."
Violent protests against racial injustice erupted last week in Kenosha in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States after police shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake, an African American man, in the back seven times.
The incident, which occurred on August 23, left Blake paralyzed. Protests turned into riots complete with violence against police and civilians as well as acts of arson and destruction.
According to the Kenosha Professional Police Association, Blake forcefully resisted arrest.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden used a speech in Pittsburgh to argue that Trump has made the country unsafe. "He can't stop the violence because for years he's fomented it," the New York Times reported. (ANI)