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Former US Vice President Joe Biden (File Pic)
Former US Vice President Joe Biden (File Pic)

Biden campaign launches video 'When We Vote, We Win' urging Asian American-Pacific Islander community to vote

ANI | Updated: Nov 02, 2020 14:44 IST

Washington [US], November 2 (ANI): With the US Presidential Election just a day away, Democratic Nominee and former US Vice President Joe Biden's campaign -- Biden for President -- launched a GOTV [Get Out The Vote] video that featured an all-star cast of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) who have assembled to urge the AAPI community to vote in the final few days before November 3.
The 60-second video, titled "When We Vote, We Win" -- taken from the words of Biden's running mate Kamala Harris highlighted at the end of the clip -- aims to inspire the AAPI community to support Joe Biden in "building a better America while ushering in the representation of historical significance."
"Representation matters and in this election, we have an opportunity to be represented at the highest level. Joe will ensure that our voices are heard at all levels, starting with Kamala's in the office of the Vice President. And we're excited that AAPIs can be the margin of victory in making that happen," said Dennis Cheng, Biden for President Senior Advisor of External Outreach, who envisioned and championed the video into creation, as quoted in an official statement.

The video featured Asian American celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Lucy Liu, Padma Lakshmi, Sandra Oh, Margaret Cho, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Michelle Kwan to say: "It's going to take all of us, to really use our voices...Between now and election day, let's come together and vote for a better America."
Cheng added, "The campaign has built the broadest, most diverse, and most inclusive coalition ever seen. We're extremely proud of our micro-targeted messaging and individualized outreach to the AAPI community, so that we not only feel represented in the campaign but also empowered and inspired to be a part of it."
According to the official campaign statement, Biden's campaign for the presidency has "made a concerted effort to inform, mobilize and empower the AAPI community through unique virtual events".
It added that the campaign also engaged directly with local ethnic media to reach some of the AAPI voters who may be difficult to reach "through traditional voter outreach efforts."
This latest video is the culmination of the campaign's unprecedented efforts to galvanize the AAPI community and to highlight the importance of the AAPI vote as the margin of victory in this election. (ANI)