United States President Donald Trump (File Photo)
United States President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Border security to be a 'big 2020 issue,' says US President Trump

ANI | Updated: Jan 26, 2019 21:40 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 26 (ANI): Despite signing a stopgap agreement to end the long-time government shutdown, United States President Donald Trump on Saturday (local time) pressed on to the hard fact that he will continue to fight for building a wall along the southern border with Mexico, which is certainly going to become a 'big issue' in the next Presidential elections.  
The US President took to Twitter to state, “I like the fact that the President is making the case (Border Security & Crime) to the American people. Now we know where Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & the Democrats stand, which is no Border Security. Will be big 2020 issue.” Matt Schlapp, Chair, ACU. Bigger than anyone knows!"
The statement by the US President comes amid reports of his signing the short-term spending bill, bringing to an end the 35-day partial government shutdown, without getting new funding for a Mexico wall. 
The US President further stated that 'negotiations with the Democrats will start immediately' over border security measures, but warned at the same time that it “will not be easy” to reach a consensus within a span of next three weeks.
"21 days goes very quickly. Negotiations with Democrats will start immediately. Will not be easy to make a deal, both parties very dug in. The case for National Security has been greatly enhanced by what has been happening at the Border & through dialogue. We will build the Wall!," Trump tweeted.
Trump's decision to end the shut down drew immediate criticism from his own party, with many conservatives claiming that this action would weaken the negotiating position of Republicans with Democrats in the House.
The revoking of the longest ever shut down of the government has come as a relief to the 800,000 federal workers who have not received their pay ever since the shutdown began last year, leading to repeated calls by elected representatives to open the government. (ANI)