Vigil held for slain activist Karima Baloch in Toronto (ANI/Photo)
Vigil held for slain activist Karima Baloch in Toronto (ANI/Photo)

Canadian government should show courage to investigate Karima Baloch murder, says Tarek Fatah

ANI | Updated: Dec 27, 2020 12:08 IST

Toronto [Canada], December 27 (ANI): Author and expert of Pakistani affairs, Tarek Fatah has asked the Canadian government whether they have the courage to investigate Karima Baloch's murder.
"Unless and until the Canadian government has the courage to investigate this, we will ask other independent authorities to intervene," he said while addressing the gathering here at Harbourfront near Toronto's Ferry Terminal for Centre Island.
Friends and supporters of activist Karima Baloch gathered at Harbourfront for a vigil organised to pay respect to the leader who was found dead last Monday.
"There are other sources of justice we can find. It seems that neither Canada nor Pakistan is interested in Karima Baloch. She came here for safety and Canada gave her death. We will not forget that", he added.
The Toronto police on December 23 termed the death of Karima Baloch, a 'non-criminal death', but the family and friends are demanding a thorough investigation into the case. Baloch had campaigned vigorously against the disappearances and human rights violations in the troubled Balochistan province of Pakistan.
Karima Baloch's friends and family gathered to remember her life and struggle for Baloch Human Rights. Her husband Hammal Haidar asked for an independent inquiry into his wife's 'murder'.
"Friends and family of Karima Baloch gathered today at Harbour Front in Toronto to talk about her life and struggles for Baloch Human Rights and an independent Balochistan," said Hammal Haidar, the husband of Karima Baloch who wants an independent inquiry into his wife's murder.
Fatah levelled charges on Pakistan Establishment for abductions, forced disappearances of Balochs. "After 10-20,000 men missing, fathers and daughters, now the Pakistan Establishment has come down to this, this is what we suspect", he said.
Highlighting the will and determination of Karima, Haidar said, "She was a great and courageous leader. Her entire life was dedicated to the Baloch cause and their rights. And she was struggling for the Baloch people in Balochistan and here in Canada".
"She was an outstanding woman. In 100 years you cannot find anyone in the past who stood up with courage, modesty, intelligence and dignity for the rights of Baloch people," Fatah added.
Over 50 activists, journalists and intellectuals from all around the world have expressed concern over the mysterious death of exiled Baloch activist Karima Baloch in Toronto and urged Canadian authorities to initiate a "high-level and thorough investigation" in the matter. (ANI)