Hawaii, USA (representative image)
Hawaii, USA (representative image)

Category 3 Hurricane Erick heading towards Hawaii

ANI | Updated: Jul 31, 2019 18:47 IST

search?query=Hawaii">Hawaii [search?query=USA">USA], July 31 (ANI): A category-three search?query=hurricane">hurricane named 'search?query=Erick">Erick' is heading towards the search?query=Hawaii">Hawaiin islands, along with another category-one search?query=hurricane">hurricane 'search?query=Flossie">Flossie', according to the United States' National Hurricane Centre.
While the category-three search?query=hurricane">hurricane is not expected to make landfall, Hurricane search?query=Flossie">Flossie may take a more direct track towards the islands, as per CNN.
Parts of the US state are expected to see increased wind gusts and search?query=rain">rain due to Hurricane search?query=Erick">Erick, which may slide south of search?query=Hawaii">Hawaii on Thursday. CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said that it would weaken to a tropical storm by then.
"Strong swells are expected to cause dangerous surf along the eastern and southern search?query=Hawaii">Hawaii coast over the next 48-72 hours but no coastal advisories are currently issued for the search?query=Hawaii">Hawaiian island chain," Brink stated.
As per officials, the maximum sustained winds stood at 130 mph while Hurricane search?query=Erick">Erick could make sea waters rise between seven to 16 feet by tomorrow night.
Hurricane search?query=Flossie">Flossie, on the other hand, is expected to upgrade to a category-two storm by Friday.
The category-three search?query=hurricane">hurricane is forecast to exit search?query=Hawaii">Hawaiian waters by this weekend. (ANI)