Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian (File Photo)
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian (File Photo)

China's 'Wolf Warrior Diplomacy' remains unhindered and unabashed: Report

ANI | Updated: Aug 27, 2021 22:13 IST

New York [US], August 27 (ANI): Even in the face of global criticism and rebuke from the international community, China's "brashest defenders" have continued their "wolf warrior diplomacy," an increasingly assertive brand of fiery diplomacy.
Writing for American weekly news magazine Newsweek, Jianli Yang said Chinese foreign ministry spokespersons have demonstrated once again that Beijing's "wolf warrior diplomacy" remains fully mobilized, despite Xi Jinping's June instruction to try to "control the tone, be open and confident as well as modest and humble.
This message was aimed to build a "credible, lovable, and respectable image of China." "It is not that Xi Jinping isn't powerful enough to rein in wolf warriors like Zhao--in fact, those warriors happen to fit perfectly with Xi's true strategy," Yang said.

The writer added that newly discovered nationalist confidence and professional posturing of Chinese diplomats were originally orchestrated by "Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy. This thought is a doctrine which borrows from the first generation of Chinese communist revolution leaders.
As per the Newsweek article, a US research scholar identified seasoned revolutionary Zhou Enlai as "the progenitor of today's wolf warriors." Similarly, foreign policy researcher Connor Fiddler explained how Zhou coined the new mantra of diplomacy for the People's Liberation Army: "the PLA in civilian clothing."
"At the first gathering of new recruits, Zhou reportedly outlined the ethos of the CCP's enterprise and declared that foreign affairs cadres are akin to soldiers. Changing the struggle from a military one to a diplomatic one was the mission Zhou gave to the new diplomats--who were mostly peasants, college students and former PLA generals. Zhou's mantra has been followed by Chinese diplomats for generations," the report said.
In conclusion, Yang said China's rapid economic growth and the growing military have enabled Chinese leaders over recent years to speak with increased confidence. (ANI)