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Dead fish seen after runoff from alcohol warehouse fire pollutes Kentucky River

ANI | Updated: Jul 08, 2019 14:25 IST

Kentucky [USA], July 8 (ANI): Dead fish were seen floating down Kentucky River, days after runoff from an alcohol warehouse fire polluted the water body, impacting the aquatic life.
The warehouse had around 45,000 barrels of whiskey when the mishap occurred last week, according to CNN.
Even though the fire has now been extinguished, the alcohol plume on the river is approximately 23 miles long, as per the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.
While containment systems to minimise the fire's impact on the waterbody were put in place, more dead and dying fish are expected to pile up as the runoff from the warehouse continues to pour into the river.
Aeration devices have also been installed in the Glenns Creek and the Kentucky River to decrease the number of dying fish.
Aquatic life may further be impacted after the alcohol plume merges with the Ohio River on Monday. (ANI)