FBI, Russia colluded to pay for dossier on his Kremlin links, suggests Trump

ANI | Updated: Oct 20, 2017 03:30 IST

Washington [United States] October 20 (ANI): United States President Trump on Thursday suggested that the FBI may have had a hand in creating an intelligence dossier that alleged ties between Russia and Trump's presidential campaign.

He took to Twitter to say, "Workers of firm involved with the discredited and Fake Dossier take the 5th. Who paid for it, Russia, the FBI or the Dems (or all)?"

According to CNN, Trump suggested that a dossier, prepared by Christopher Steele- a former member of British intelligence, has not only been totally discredited, but also might have been funded by some combination of Russia, the Democratic Party and the FBI.

The 35-page document made unverified allegations about the U.S. President and some of his campaign staff's contact with Russia officials.

It also alleged Moscow had compromising footage of the Trump. (ANI)