US President-elect Joe Biden (Credit: Reuters Pictures)
US President-elect Joe Biden (Credit: Reuters Pictures)

Healthcare need not be partisan issue, says Biden

ANI | Updated: Nov 11, 2020 06:33 IST

Washington [US], November 11 (ANI): US President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday slammed "far-right ideologues" for their efforts to invalidate the Affordable Care Act, and stated that healthcare should not be a partisan issue, but a human issue.
"This doesn't need to be a partisan issue. It's a human issue. It affects every single American family. We can't subvert the growing consensus of the American people based on the argument put forward to invalidate the law," said Biden, while addressing the media from Wilmington, Delaware.
Biden repeatedly asserted the getting rid of the law will take many health benefits away from the people of the US.
"Twice, the Supreme Court has upheld the landmark law, in 2012 and again in 2015. In the Congress, expressing the popular will of the American people on a bipartisan basis, has rejected numerous attempts, numerous efforts by President Trump to erase the law. Now in the middle of a deadly pandemic, that has infected 10 million Americans, nearly one in every 32 Americans, often with devastating consequences, these ideologues are once again trying to strip health coverage away from people," said Biden.

Biden alleged that the goal of the outgoing administration was to see the Act fall.
"Now I'm not naive about the fact that health care is an issue that has divided Americans in the past, but the truth is the American people are more united on this issue today than they are divided," he said.
Earlier, Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on Tuesday voiced against taking down the Affordable Care Act in the US, saying the removal of the Act will take the country 'backwards'.
According to CNN, the Supreme Court justices on Tuesday heard oral arguments in the case that seeks to overturn the landmark health reform law.
The Trump administration and several Republican-led states are asking the court to strike down the law, 10 years after it was passed, potentially impacting millions of Americans. (ANI)