Trump, Stephen King blocked each other
Trump, Stephen King blocked each other

Here is why Trump, Stephen King blocked each other

ANI | Updated: May 25, 2018 03:23 IST

Washington D.C. [United States], May 25 (ANI): American author Stephen King on Thursday revealed why United States President Donald Trump has blocked him on microblogging platform Twitter.
"I might have said he had his head somewhere where a certain yoga position would be necessary to get it there. And that was it, man. That was it," King told "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert, according to Fox News.
The 'It' author further revealed that in response he had also blocked Trump. King, in fact, has also blocked United States Vice President Mike Pence, whom he called "creepy".
Earlier on May 24, a Federal Judge ruled that Donald Trump cannot block his critics on Twitter, as doing so violates their right to free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.
Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, said that Trump's Twitter account is a public forum and blocking people who reply to his tweets with differing opinions constitutes viewpoint discrimination, which violates the First Amendment, according to The Hill.
The court's ruling came as a major win for the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, which brought the lawsuit on behalf of seven people who were blocked from Trump's account because of opinions they expressed in reply tweets.
Buchwald, in her 75-page opinion, suggested that Trump could have ignored their tweets.
"No First Amendment harm arises when a government's 'challenged conduct' is simply to ignore the [speaker], as the Supreme Court has affirmed 'that it is free to do," The Hill quoted Buchwald as saying.
"Stated otherwise, 'a person's right to speak is not infringed when government simply ignores that person while listening to others,' or when the government 'amplifies' the voice of one speaker over those of others," she added.
The lawsuit against Donald Trump had also named White House social media director and assistant to the president Daniel Scavino.
Buchwald, however, did not order Trump or Scavino to unblock the individual plaintiffs in the case or prohibit them from blocking others from the account based on their views as the plaintiffs' had asked.
"Because no government official is above the law and because all government officials are presumed to follow the law once the judiciary has said what the law is, we must assume that the President and Scavino will remedy the blocking we have held to be unconstitutional," Buchwald wrote. (ANI)