Hurricane Irma: Death toll rises to 18

ANI | Updated: Sep 08, 2017 19:56 IST

New York [USA], Sept 8 (ANI): Eight more people have been reported dead taking death toll to 18 after Hurricane Irma hit Caribbean region.

The deaths, all on Caribbean islands, include nine in French territories, one at the British overseas territory of Anguilla, one on Barbuda, four on the US Virgin Islands, and three in Puerto Rico, CNN reported.

Caribbean Islands were hit by Hurricane Irma earlier today leaving catastrophic damage in the region.

Florida has been put on high alert and evacuation has been ordered , while the Carolinas and Georgia have also declared emergencies.

United States President Donald Trump while asking people to be safe, lauded the efforts of U.S. Coast Guard who save 15000 live.

Taking to twitter trump said, "Hurricane Irma is of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen. Be safe and get out of its way,if possible. Federal G is ready! Our incredible U.S. Coast Guard saved more than 15,000 lives last week with Harvey. Irma could be even tougher. We love our Coast Guard!," Trump said in a series of tweets.

One of the strongest storms ever recorded has caused widespread destruction and number of casualties in northern Caribbean islands specially Barbuda, which has been "literally reduced to a rubble".

According to local media reports, Irma was downgraded to an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm on Friday, with winds reaching a sustained maximum of 150 mph.

Meanwhile, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency Brock Long warned that hurricane will be "truly devastating" for the people of the region.

The Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands. The region is south-east of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America.

Irma damaged Barbuda's lone airport, which will now force officials to ferry supplies by boat and helicopter from Antigua. Browne estimated rebuilding would cost about $100 million. (ANI)