Indo-American faces racial abused in Seattle

ANI | Updated: Feb 13, 2018 13:49 IST

Washington DC [United States], Feb 13 (ANI): A group of friends waiting for a pizza in Capitol Hill, Seattle were racially assaulted by an American woman.

According to the, Aditya Sastry, who is an Indian-American, secretly began recording the woman's racist, expletive-filled rant.

In the video, the woman could be seen as asking them 'Where are you from? You're not white' before telling them to 'Go back to your own fucking country' and that they are 'Not white enough.'

The unidentified racist continue yelling at the group and at one point she yells, 'Have more respect you fucking terrorist ass' and calls Sastry a 'Saudi n***a'.

The video ends abruptly as she broke Sastry's phone from which he was filing her racist remarks.

The incident took place last week and came to notice after Sastry took to Facebook to describe the ordeal. He posted a picture of his shattered phone along with the video.

"It became quickly apparent that her issue was with Joey and my appearance as we are ethnically Puerto Rican and Indian, respectively. We've both faced racist incidents before, but this is the second time this year I've been accosted by white Americans claiming this country is theirs," he wrote on Facebook.

"I was born and raised in this country and have been blessed with opportunities that don't exist or aren't as accessible elsewhere, but I find myself having a more and more difficult time feeling welcome in my own country," Sastry added.

Sastry, who is originally from San Jose, California said he is sharing the video to "highlight the reality of the current socio-political climate".

He also appealed people that if someone recognised the woman in the video to contact Seattle Police Department. (ANI)