NDN's Simon Rosenberg calls Trump Lord 'Shiva' for forcing Congress into action

ANI | Updated: Oct 15, 2017 02:26 IST

Washington D.C. [USA] Oct. 15 (ANI): Simon Rosenberg, founder of NDN, a liberal think tank in Washington on Saturday paralleled President Donald Trump with Lord Shiva, the god of destruction for aggressively exercising his executive power in a bid to force Congress into action on an array of unfulfilled campaign promises.

Right from Trump's announcement for cutting off health-care subsidies to recently disavowing the international nuclear deal with Iran, holding out the possibility of keeping US in the pact if Congress attaches new caveats in the deal, Trump has left no opportunity to garner Congress's support in his decisions, reported the Washington Post.

Though his strategy has been cheered by many of his supporters, who believe that Trump is making good on his pledge to be a disruptive force in Washington while dismantling the legacy of former president Barack Obama.

Rosenberg said the way Trump has done is "a blow to the global order that our country built and a sign he's untrustworthy."

"Republicans will say he's just honoring campaign promises, but history will not judge Donald Trump on kept promises, but on whether he left America a stronger country," he added.

Referring Trump as "Shiva", Rosenberg further said that "He (Trump) might be keeping his promises, but he's weakening the United States."

Trump's critics have also accused him of hypocrisy for using executive when his agenda is stalled in Congress.

As per report, Trump will now sign more executive orders than any president in the past 50 years.

As per the Trump's close aides, the President's recent actions are an outcome of his frustration with Congress' inaction.

"The President campaigned on a bold agenda, and Congress's inaction won't stop the administration's tireless efforts to boost the economy, improve health care and protect the American people," said White House principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah.

Supporters of Trump outside Washington also believes that the formers moves clearly indicates that he is not ready to take no for an answer as he attempts to make good on his campaign promises.

"The President is doing what he said he's going to do," said Terry Lathan, chairman of the Republican Party of Alabama.

"He's not a man to sit back and wait when told not to do something. That's not how he's wired. It's one of the reasons he got elected. He will not let barriers stand in his way. He'll go over, under, around it to get something done," he added. (ANI)