US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump

'News reports concerning the Shutdown and Syria are mostly fake'

ANI | Updated: Dec 23, 2018 02:39 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 23 (ANI): Warning that the government shutdown could last longer, US President Donald Trump on Saturday (local time) said that all news reports concerning the US Government shutdown and Syria are fake.
He further stated that he is working hard and negotiating with Democrats on the need for Border Security, saying that it could be a long stay.
In a tweet, Trump said, "I am in the White House, working hard. News reports concerning the Shutdown and Syria are mostly FAKE. We are negotiating with the Democrats on desperately needed Border Security (Gangs, Drugs, Human Trafficking & more) but it could be a long stay."
A partial government shutdown is imminent as the United States House of Representatives and the Senate was adjourned for the evening, as President Donald Trump and lawmakers remain at odds over border wall funding.
Although negotiations are underway in Congress to reach an agreement in an aim to prevent a government shutdown, virtually, there is no chance that a vote will take place on Friday night (local time).
Talking about Syria, Trump asserted that ISIS has been largely defeated and neighbouring countries including Turkey can take care of "whatever remains."
"On Syria, we were originally going to be there for three months, and that was seven years ago - we never left. When I became President, ISIS was going wild. Now ISIS is largely defeated and other local countries, including Turkey, should be able to easily take care of whatever remains. We're coming home!" Trump tweeted.
Trump had earlier announced that US will be withdrawing army troops from Syria after declaring defeat of ISIS in the region. (ANI)