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No group involved in California medical office explosion, says police

ANI | Updated: May 17, 2018 02:32 IST

California [US], May 17 (ANI): Police in California, as of now, has ruled out the involvement of any extremist group in the explosion that had taken place in a medical office building, claiming one life and injuring three others.
The blast took place due to an explosive package kept in the Southern California medical office building in Aliso Viejo city on Tuesday.
As reported by the Fox News, local police have concluded that the explosion was not carried out as part of any larger plot and further no connection with any extremist group has been established.
The deceased woman is said to be the target of the explosion.
The blast had blown off the side walls of the medical office building, exposing insulation and framing as well as damaging the first-floor suite. (ANI)