North Korea calls Trump an 'old lunatic', again

ANI | Updated: Dec 17, 2017 04:13 IST

Washington [USA], Dec 17 (ANI): The North Korean media has called United States President Donald Trump an 'old lunatic' and claimed America was 'scared' by its apparent successful test-fire of its Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) last month.

Country state news agency KCNA repeated the insult at the US president yesterday.

A statement read: "Frightened by the DPRK's successful test-fire of ICBM Hwasong-15, old lunatic Trump talked about 'way of serious approach'."

"Anti-DPRK hard-liners including the US ambassador to the United Nations let out such nonsense as "dangerous circumstances", going so impudent as to urge the DPRK not to "make a mistake."

"War maniacs of the U.S. are urging "Congress to discuss the issue of preemptive attack" on the DPRK, referring to the need to 'withdraw American citizens' from south Korea, only to make a war against the DPRK an established fact.

Trump has been trading insults with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over this issue.

North Korea's Minju Joson newspaper said the US needed to "cool their heads" in order to avoid "disgrace and destruction".

The paper said: "The Trump cult's talk about "military counteraction" is just ridiculous as it is incapable of judging what the declaration means.

"We warn him once again that if his regime resorts to military counteraction after losing discretion, it will face a tougher countermeasure by the DPRK and fall deeper into a quagmire.

"The Trump-led US authorities should behave with reason, well aware of where they are standing and what they are doing.

"They had better cool their heads heated by war hysteria and be prudent if they don't want to meet bitterer disgrace and destruction."

Amid tension between the nations which has put the world on alert of conflict, Trump has referred to Kim as "rocket man" while his rival has previously called him a "mentally deranged dotard." (ANI)