PTM USA arranged a Car Rally against the illegal detention of Ali Wazir
PTM USA arranged a Car Rally against the illegal detention of Ali Wazir

Pashtuns organise rally against Pakistan in New York

ANI | Updated: Aug 02, 2021 09:49 IST

New York [US], August 2 (ANI): Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) held a rally against the illegal detention of Ali Wazir and Pakistan's proxy war in Afghanistan. Ali Wazir is one of the sane voices of human rights and against military oppression in Pakistan.
PTM said in a statement that members party in New York and Connecticut participated in large numbers in this car rally held on Saturday. They demanded the immediate release of Ali Wazir and the end of the Pakistani proxy war in Afghanistan. The legislature is in illegal detention for raising the voice for a Pashtun peaceful life, they said.
"The continued detention of Ali Wazir is illegal as the detention is ordered by General Bajwa. This shows the courts in Pakistan are not independent and we don't expect justice from judges who are controlled by the military" said PTM USA leader Himat.

Although the Pakistani National Assembly is a rubber stamp but still off and, in the country, a mighty military briefs the legislatures on critical issues. In a recent off-camera briefing to the parliament on a question of Ali Wazir, the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa replied in the parliament, "Ali will apologize and then can be released".
For the last four decades, Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand have been in an unending war. The uncertainty has destroyed the social, economic and political lives of the residents.
"Pakistani interference in Afghanistan is crystal clear. The Taliban leadership and shuras are residing and planning in Quetta, Peshawar and Miranshah. The Taliban can't sustain a single day without Pakistani support. To end the war in Afghanistan will require pressing Pakistan to end its support to Taliban and other terrorist groups," said Amin Jan Ibrahimi, PTM Vice Coordinator in Connecticut.
The car rally ended at the UN office and demanded the world to play a positive role and support the elected government in Afghanistan. (ANI)