US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi
US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi urges Democrats to return to DC this week amid Trump's impeachment calls

ANI | Updated: Jan 10, 2021 18:34 IST

Washington [US], January 10 (ANI): US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues in the lower chamber to prepare to return to Washington this week amid talks of impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time over his role in inciting the mob that breached the US Capitol on Wednesday.
According to The Hill, in a "Dear Colleague" letter sent to Democratic members on Saturday, Pelosi wrote: "We will be proceeding with meetings with Members and Constitutional experts and others. I continue to welcome your comments. I urge you to be prepared to return to Washington this week."
The letter comes as the lower chamber Democrats "appear poised" to impeach Trump over his role in inciting Wednesday's attack on the Capitol -- as members of both the Senate and the House were certifying Joe Biden's electoral college win in the Presidential election -- which saw a mob of his supporters damaging windows, vandalizing congressional offices and even accessing the chambers.
Five people died in the attacks, including 42-year-old Capitol Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick.
Pelosi stated in the letter that lawmakers have taken an oath of office to defend democracy.

"For that reason, it is absolutely essential that those who perpetrated the assault on our democracy be held accountable. There must be a recognition that this desecration was instigated by the President," she wrote.
"From what I have heard from Members and from the deluge that I have received from the public, it is clear that, once again, the 'Times Have Found Us' to save our democracy," the House speaker concluded.
The Hill reported that Democrats and some Republicans had previously voiced support of Vice President Mike Pence and other Cabinet members invoking the 25th amendment to remove Trump out of fear he could incite more violence in the remaining days of his presidency.
The Speaker previously threatened impeachment if Pence did not invoke the 25th amendment, a move that the vice president reportedly opposes, according to sources in talks with the White House.
Pelosi said on Friday night that if Trump does not resign she has directed the Rules Committee to quickly take up a motion to impeach Trump as well as legislation to create a commission that can declare that the President is "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."
Chaotic and violent scenes erupted at the Capitol on Wednesday as Trump supporters stormed the building to protest the Electoral College vote, forcing a lockdown and confrontations with the police. (ANI)