Pompeo vows to restore 'swagger' back to US State Department

ANI | Updated: May 02, 2018 07:17 IST

Washington DC [United States] May 2 (ANI): New US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on Tuesday arrived at the State Department for the first time as America's top Diplomat, vowed to restore "swagger" to the State Department.

"I talked about getting back our swagger. The United States diplomatic corps needs to be in every corner, every stretch of the world executing missions on behalf of this country, and it is my humble, noble undertaking to help you achieve that," the Hill reported Pompeo as saying while addressing the diplomatic corps.

Pompeo told hundreds gathered in the department's formal entrance that he was there to pump new life back into the oldest US Cabinet agency. He described his mission as leading diplomats to execute Trump's foreign policy "with incredible vigor and incredible energy."

In his remarks, the former CIA director, took a few digs at his predecessor Rex Tillerson, saying that he would spend "as little time" as possible cloistered in the secretary's seventh floor suite of offices, preferring to "get out" and interact directly with diplomats around the world, according to several media reports.

Pompeo, who returned to Washington on Monday (local time), was confirmed by the Senate last week and left immediately on his first foreign trip, visiting Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan.

United States President Donald Trump will make his first visit to the State Department on Wednesday to swear in his new top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, which would be Trump's first visit to the State Department despite being in the White House for more than 15 months.(ANI)