Former US Vice President and Democrat Joe Biden (L), incumbent US President and Republican Donald Trump (R)
Former US Vice President and Democrat Joe Biden (L), incumbent US President and Republican Donald Trump (R)

Presidential Polls 2020: Biden leads Trump by 10 pc in Fox News poll

ANI | Updated: Jun 16, 2019 21:16 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], June 16 (ANI): A poll by Fox News has shown former Vice President Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate going up against incumbent President Donald Trump for the Presidential elections 2020.
Biden, who is former President Barack Obama's close aide, is shown to lead Trump by 10 per cent in the latest polls published by the American news channel.

The Fox News Polls were jointly conducted from June 9 to June 12 by the Beacon Research (D) and Shaw & Company (R). 1,001 registered voters were randomly chosen for it.
Biden leads over other Democratic nominees like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris in the polls conducted amongst Democratic Primary voters. Voters wish to see him go up against Trump -- who is scheduled to launch his reelection campaign on June 18 -- as per the polls.

The former Vice President comes in first, while Sanders comes in second amongst men, women, whites, and non-whites, according to Fox News. While on the one hand, Biden leads by over 30 points amongst primary voters who are aged 45 years and above, on the other, he only has a three-point edge among those under 45.
A divide can be seen amongst Democratic primary voters when it comes to choosing between a candidate with "high ethical standards" (52 per cent) and one who can "defeat Donald Trump" (45 per cent).
They also prefer having a candidate who will "unite Americans around shared beliefs" rather than "fight against extreme right-wing beliefs."
By a 72-25 per cent margin, they also prioritise having a nominee who provides "steady, reliable leadership" rather than "a bold, new agenda." Biden leads over the rest, including Sanders, when it comes to both the cases.
"Some on the left mock Biden as naive for suggesting he can bring Americans together, but primary voters prefer his steady style and unifying approach," Fox News quoted Democratic pollster Chris Anderson as saying. Anderson conducted the Fox New Poll with Republican Daron Shaw.
"A big question is whether another candidate can provide a viable alternative for voters who like Biden's approach, but aren't enthused with his candidacy," he added.
As compared to 2016, more voters would feel enthusiastic and less would feel scared if Trump was reelected in the 2020 elections.
"Trump's current position in the polls is far from ideal," Shaw said.
"But he's definitely in the game. His base is on board and he'll have ample opportunity to frame the choice set moving forward while the Democrats battle for voter and media attention in the debates," he added. (ANI)