Republic Day celebration in Washington DC
Republic Day celebration in Washington DC

Pro-Khalistan supporters fail to shout down Indian Republic Day celebrations in Washington

ANI | Updated: Jan 27, 2019 10:25 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 27 (ANI): Enthusiastic Indians and people of Indian origin outnumbered pro-Khalistani supporters at a Republic Day celebration at the Gandhi Square, opposite the Indian embassy in Washington, which the fringe group had attempted to sabotage by raising anti-India slogans.
The demonstration by the fringe group outside the Indian Embassy in Washington DC was attended by only around 12-15 people. They were completely outnumbered by flag-waving and enthusiastic Indians, sources said.
Visual footage from the event showed as false the fringe separatist group claim of having burnt an Indian flag outside the Indian Embassy.
Indian Ambassador Harsh Shringla interacted and greeted people who gathered for the celebrations.
As per US law, raising slogans and demonstrating or ‘desecration’ of flags is not unlawful. ISI funded pro Khalistan groups have misused this freedom for decades in attempts to embarrass Indian events.
However, because they are so few in number and have no support from the Sikh expat community which participate in all community events, protests by these groups fail every time
The Sikh community who turned up in strength at the event also condemned the "theatrical protests" by the fringe separatist group calling it "detrimental to the peace-loving and harmony enhancing Sikh community everywhere."
"The Sikhs of America condemns and denounces in the strongest terms the planned burning of the Indian flag on the occasion of India’s Republic Day outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC. Sikhs reside and have businesses not only all over India but also boast a global presence. Such theatrical protests like flag burning are detrimental to the peace-loving.
and harmony enhancing Sikh community everywhere," a statement by Sikhs of America said.
The statement urged the pro-Khalistan group to engage in dialogue with the Indian government.
"We urge Sikhs for Justice to have a dialogue with the Indian government regarding any issues and desist from such petty actions," they said.
Expressing its dismay the American Hindu Coalition called the intent of flag burning as "an immense affront to the largest democracy on earth and causing huge grief to the American Hindus." (ANI)