Milbourne-based Gaini Sukhvinder Singh
Milbourne-based Gaini Sukhvinder Singh

Sikh delivers US Senate morning prayer, scripts history

ANI | Updated: Oct 18, 2019 00:00 IST

Pennsylvania [US], Oct 17 (ANI): Milbourne-based Gaini Sukhvinder Singh scripted history by becoming the first Sikh guru to deliver the morning prayer in the US Senate Chamber.
In his prayer on Wednesday, Singh, of the Philadelphia Sikh Society Gurdwara, emphasised on commonalities in all faiths.
The Sikh guru spoke for several minutes and asked the Almighty to bless people with oneness. "Help us remember that we belong to one family. Recognise the entire human race as one," he said.
Singh opted for white kurta and yellow headgear and completed the look with a matching yellow waistcoat for the momentous occasion.
"By the grace of the true Guru, Almighty God, we call you by many names but you are one," Singh said.
Senator Pat Toomey tweeted about the occasion: "It was an honour to welcome Giani Sukhvinder Singh of Millbourne, Delaware County to the Senate today. This morning, he became the first Sikh to ever deliver the Senate's morning prayer."
Toomey had invited Singh and other Sikhs from Delaware County to the morning prayer and an evening reception to deliver invocation to commemorate the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev.
"There had never been a Sikh delivering the opening prayer," local media Delco Times quoted Toomey as saying. "I think it was kind of overdue for the Sikhs," he said.
In his prayer Gaini Sukhvinder Singh said "Keep your divine hand over the members of the Senate as they help steer the future of our great nation. (Put) love in our hearts and sound judgement in our minds. Remind us of our purpose to love and serve one another and create a more peaceful world."
Singh prayed, "We ask for blessings onto all leaders as they work for the common good. Give all who govern this land with humility and courage, integrity and compassion. Release each one of us from ego so that we may serve selflessly."
The Sikh guru again sought from the Almighty to keep watch over the protectors of the country who "work tirelessly day and night to ensure our safety and our freedom."
"You are everywhere. All are yours. Whatever is seen, O God is your form. My lord, you are but one. We ask you to bless this great nation and its people. In the name of Nanak, find everlasting optimism. With your will, almighty God may there be the welfare of all of humanity," he said.
Singh ended his prayer with the famous holy chant, "Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh."
The morning prayer, also known as Chaplain's daily prayer, was first convened in New York City on April 1789. Since then, many spiritual personalities have offered prayers at the Senate including the Dalai Lama. (ANI)