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Six police officers suspended for misconduct during Capitol Hill riots; 29 under probe

ANI | Updated: Feb 19, 2021 15:14 IST

Washington DC [US], February 19 (ANI): A total of six US police officers have been suspended with pay and another 29 have been put under investigation over their conduct during the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, according to a police department spokesperson.
"Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has directed that any member of her department whose behaviour is not in keeping with the Department's Rules of Conduct will face appropriate discipline," said police spokesperson John Stolnis, as quoted by CNN.
Last month, CNN had reported that the Capitol police were investigating at least 10 officers, while two were suspended.

According to Tim Ryan, a member of the House of Representatives, one of the suspended officers took a selfie with a protester, while another officer was wearing a hat with then-President Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again."
On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the US Congress would establish a special commission to probe Capitol Hill attack. On January 6, a group of then US President Donald Trump's supports stormed the US Capitol building.
The unrest took place after Trump urged his supporters to protest what he claims is a stolen presidential election. Five people -- four protesters and a police officer -- were killed in the riots. The last time the Capitol was stormed was when British troops marched into Washington and set fire to the building in 1814.
The deadly attack prompted the House Democrats to move to impeach Trump. The Senate trial that ended this weekend acquitted Trump. (ANI)