Stranded passengers at NY's JFK airport vent out on social media

ANI | Updated: Jan 06, 2018 18:39 IST

New York City [USA], Jan 6 (ANI): Several passengers were stranded for hours at New York's JFK Airport reportedly as an effect of the 'bomb cyclone' leading to halting of airplanes at the runways, on Saturday.

Massive delays, walls of people in terminals, complaints of hours-long waits to get to a gate after landing, then hours more to get checked baggage were some of the cries of the stranded passengers, who took to the social media, to vent out their anger.

"I have never seen that before! Landed at 10:25pm JFK airport, still in the plane at 3:50am after an 8h flight from Paris. We cannot get out, insane! #AirFrance #jfkairport," one of the passengers aboard Air France tweeted.

Another frustrated passenger, said, in a, Twitter post, "This is what the airport traffic looks like right now . Kuwait waited more than 3 hours before they got a gate. Lufthansa, Air France and Singapore waited about 2 hours for a gate. To say the least the Kongo line was pretty long tonight."

"Still waiting at terminal 1 for flight AF008 luggage, no food no water no wifi for 9 hours. Shame of a service. @NYGovCuomo" said another passenger.

"2hours delayed at cdg, 8h flight, 4h waiting for parking spot, 1h for staircase, 1h to remove snow at the terminal door, 1h for boarder controls and still waiting for luggage since 5am without food or water or any airport staff #thisisnyc #jfk @airfrance" came another tweet.

"Air China flight #CA989 landed at JFK airport 4h 30min ago and is still waiting for a gate. Very frustrated passengers @MattStein7 @Brunosmind @jennimonet are tweeting from that flight," a Swedish internet-based air travel tracking service, Flightradar24, said, in a Twitter post.


"We need help still on plane have been traveling since Thursday New Zealand Time @AirChinaNA @JFKairport @united almost 6 hours. Not enough stairs to deplane. We will expect FULL refund. #ca989 it's 5:30 in the morning!!!!!!!!! @ColeHaber," a passenger tweeted.

Another passenger tweeted, "Due to excessive flight delays, my new permanent address is JFK Airport. Please forward all my mail to Terminal 4, c/o @Delta."

According to air travel tracking service Flightradar 24, dozens of planes had similar issues after landing. It posted a screen shot of ground traffic at the airport displaying what apparently were several planes sitting, seemingly in the wait for gates.

"After landing 3.5 hours ago, #DY7019 awaits a gate. Unfortunately for passengers at JFK tonight, they have plenty of company," Flightradar 24 tweeted.

"4 hours after landing, and 1 tour of JFK airport later, #DY7019 made it to the gate," the service later tweeted.

"Been stuck on tarmac for over 3 hours at JFK Alitalia flight 8604. Multiple passengers seeking medical attention. Staff not communicating. Babies literally crying from hunger and people calling police from the plane. Please RT to get this to the press," tweeted one passenger.

JFK had closed on Thursday at 11am when the storm hit and reopened on Friday at 7am.

Another passenger tweeted, "@JFKairport. we landed 5 hours ago & are still waiting on luggage at baggage claim! Not a single staff member to be seen, no announcements made about what to expect. All after being stuck on the tarmac for 3+ hours waiting for a place to park. Unacceptable customer service!"

Several were reported to be waiting for hours at the baggage claim after getting off the plain. (ANI)