One of the suspected explosive packages (Sourced from FBI's official Twitter)
One of the suspected explosive packages (Sourced from FBI's official Twitter)

Suspect arrested in connection to US explosive packages

ANI | Updated: Oct 27, 2018 03:15 IST

Florida [USA], Oct 27 (ANI): Federal law enforcement authorities of the United States on Friday (local time) arrested Cesar Sayoc in Plantation, Florida in connection with the explosive packages sent to a number of eminent Democrats and other high-profile individuals.
Sayoc, who is suspected to have mailed 13 suspected pipe bombs to people across the country over the past week, was arrested from a van he was living in, CNN reported.
Sayoc's identity was confirmed after law enforcement authorities scanned a fingerprint found on an envelope that was sent to California Democrat Maxine Walters. Authorities also tracked Sayoc's cell phone to pinpoint his location.
"Based on their initial analysis, they uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an I.E.D. That had been sent to Congresswoman Maxine Waters. We have confirmed this fingerprint is that of Cesar Sayoc," Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray said during a press conference following the Sayoc's arrest.
Wray further stated that other packages may still be in transit across the country, adding that the arrest does not guarantee that there is no further threat.
A law enforcement official told CNN that following his arrest, Sayoc said that it was never his intention to harm anyone.
During a Department of Justice presser, Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed that Sayoc is facing five federal charges, which, if Sayoc is proven guilty of, will see him spend as many as 58 years in prison time.
Interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and other persons, threatening interstate communications and assaulting current and former federal officers are the charges against Sayoc. Sessions also clarified that Sayoc is "innocent until proven guilty."
56-year-old Sayoc has a previous criminal record, including a number of arrests dating back to the 1990s.
The high-profile names, the packages were addressed, to include former US President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Vice President Joe Biden, California Democrat Maxine Walters, actor Robert De Niro, billionaire George Soros and others. (ANI)