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US announces new initiatives to protect reporters on eve of Democracy Summit

ANI | Updated: Dec 09, 2021 14:48 IST

Washington [US], December 9 (ANI): The US has announced new initiatives to protect reporters and independent journalism on the eve of the Democracy Summit.
Further, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who also appeared on the panel, praised the "extraordinary work of journalists and media workers" worldwide, according to Radio Free Asia.
"In addition, United States Agency For International Development will announce the launch of a Media Viability Accelerator, which will bring together media outlets, business advisory groups, and the private sector to make independent press outlets more sustainable," he said at the panel.
"And yet, as we all know, for too many journalists, doing this work means having to endure threats, harassment, attacks, " he added.
Journalists: misuse of tech, repressive government danger to media and democracy according to Radio Free Asia online panel titled "Media Freedom and Sustainability."
The panel was held on what was called "Day Zero" of the virtual Summit for Democracy.
Bay Fang, the president of Radio Free Asia talked about the means used by repressive governments to silence the media.
"Have used different means to try to silence us over the years, going beyond traditional physical threats, and jailing, but also weaponizing legal systems, using cyber intimidation, and extending their influence beyond their borders by targeting families and loved ones," Fang said at the panel.
Earlier, around 50 family members of the Washington-based RFA Uyghur Service's reporters have been jailed, detained, or are missing in China, according to Radio Free Asia.
Further, the panelists, included 2021 Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov, also spoke about the threat to journalists' lives in an atmosphere where criticism isn't tolerated and where big technology companies often allegedly work at the behest of governments (ANI)