US boy suspended over drawing stick figures holding gun, knives

ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2018 04:43 IST

Raleigh (North Carolina) [United States], Mar 28 (ANI): A seventh-grader in the US southeastern state North Carolina was reportedly suspended post sketching a picture of stick figures holding guns and knives.

The 13-year-old boy, student of Roseboro Salemburg Middle School in Sampson County, was suspended for two days over a doodle, reported Fox News.

The doodle exhibited one stick figure holding what seemed to be a rifle and another carrying two large knives.

"Schools are on heightened alert after the tragedy in Florida and safety is our highest priority," Dr. Eric Bracy, superintendent of Sampson County Schools, said in a statement.

The boy's father James Herring was taken aback because his son was suspended for "just expressing himself".

He expressed his surprise by saying, "When I see that, I see a normal 13-year-old boy. I drew pictures like this, any other person of his age drew drawings like this. It's nothing to get expelled from school for."

However, the boy has made his way back to school.(ANI)