Donald Trump Jr tweets world map depicting a possible redwave worldwide (Photo/Twitter)
Donald Trump Jr tweets world map depicting a possible redwave worldwide (Photo/Twitter)

US Elections 2020: Donald Trump Jr goofs up, shows J-K separate from India in map to indicate dad's victory

ANI | Updated: Nov 03, 2020 23:28 IST

Washington [US], November 3 (ANI): In a goof-up, Donald Trump Jr, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump while predicting poll results of the 2020 presidential elections shared a distorted map of India with the entire country in blue shade while Kashmir was in red colour, indicating a divide. The map shared also showed regions of northeastern India in red. 

Predicting a "red wave" Donald Trump Jr posted a world map with the majority of countries filled in with red, the Republican Party’s colour to indicate that his father will emerge victorious in the election, which is underway in the United States.

The map, predicting poll results posted by Trump Jr on his Twitter handle shows a predominantly red world map with the exception of India which he has shown in blue, meaning it will vote for Biden. The map showed India in blue while region of Jammu and Kashmir was shown in red and voting for Donald Trump.

Trump jr tweeted, "Okay, finally got around to making my electoral map prediction. #2020Election #VOTE"

The tweet received over 8,000 Retweets and 45.2K Likes.

It is worth mentioning that the US President Donald Trump had expressed that Washington would support New Delhi in its efforts to combat the threat of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

"I know that China and India are having difficulty and very substantial difficulty. And hopefully, they will be able to work that out," Trump told reporters at a briefing in September.

"If we can help, we would love to help," he added.

In the map, as coloured by Trump, China has been painted in Blue as the US President, on a continuous basis, slammed Beijing for the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US and the current sour trade relations between the country.

Pakistan, Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh are all in red while Sri Lanka is in blue. (ANI)