United States ambassador Anthony Zinni
United States ambassador Anthony Zinni

US envoy working on Qatar dispute resigns

ANI | Updated: Jan 09, 2019 05:58 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 9 (ANI): United States ambassador Anthony Zinni working on resolving Qatar diplomatic dispute resigned from his role at the State Department.
CNN quoted two State Department officials stating that Zinni quit as he felt that he had reached a dead-end. The officials further divulged that the envoy believed that there was no forward movement on resolving the stalemate between Qatar and its Gulf neighbors.
On being contacted by CNN to learn about the reason behind his sudden resignation, Zinni thwarted any speculations of a rift within the administration.
Stating that he did not leave his post because of bad blood with other administration officials, Zinni wrote, "I did not think my services were needed."
Gulf nations, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, and Yemen had ended partnerships with Qatar in 2017 over its alleged support for terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. (ANI)