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US Justice Department releases new version of Mueller's report

ANI | Updated: May 07, 2019 09:07 IST

Washington [United States], May 7 (ANI): US Department of Justice (DoJ) has released another redacted version of the Special counsel Robert Mueller's report, which is considered to be "identical" to the previous version.
The new version was released on Monday after a lawsuit was filed by privacy group Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and BuzzFeed News reporter Jason Leopold. However, it will be not be made public, reported The Hill.
Leopold took to Twitter and confirmed the reports. "The Justice Department just released a new version of the Mueller report in response to a #FOIA lawsuit by me/@BuzzFeedNews and @EPICprivacy," said Leopold.

He further claimed that the information released in the report on alleged Russian collusion" in the 2016 Presidential election, is not new. "It appears the version of the report is identical but clearly identifies what info was withheld in response to ongoing investigations, etc," he further said.
The primary version of the Mueller reports was released last month. It has redaction under the categories such as "harm to an ongoing matter" and "grand jury information".
The new version has redaction on the basis of regulation under the Freedom of Information Act.
Leopold has also released a letter from the justice department which cited that the exemptions were pertaining to national security, grand jury proceedings and ongoing law enforcement actions.
Leopold has indicated that he will likely to challenge each redaction made under the FOIA law.
US Attorney General William Barr had clarified before the releasing of the initiation report, which Mueller prepared after concluding his 22-month long investigation, that he will redact certain information from the document.
However, Democrats have demanded the full version, claiming Barr has not presented the correct version of the investigation.
Mueller had claimed that Barr failed to "fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of his findings of the investigation. (ANI)