Pentagon building in the US
Pentagon building in the US

US underestimating Russia's 'hybrid warfare': Pentagon white paper

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2019 10:01 IST

Washington [US], Jul 1 (ANI): The US is underestimating the scope of "hybrid warfare" being waged by Russia to undermine democracies in Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America, a Pentagon white paper has said.
According to the Hill, the over 150-page white paper was prepared by Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon and independent strategists. The study points to Russia's use of propaganda and disinformation to sway public opinion across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.
"Overall, Russia's influence abroad is growing, and the Kremlin has mastered the use of hybrid warfare in driving Russia's foreign policy (Lamoreaux)," reads the document entitled 'The Future of Global Competition and Conflict' prepared as part of the Strategic Multilayer Assessment.
"Russia utilises a variety of grey zone tactics around the globe. These include the use of paramilitary forces and other proxies, interference in political processes, economic and energy exploitation (particularly in Africa), espionage, and media and propaganda manipulation," it said.
Russian President Vladimir Putin "is also adept at blending military and civilian elements for maximum impact", it added.
The white paper also highlights the danger of alignment between Russia and China, both of which fear the United States' international alliances and share an affinity for "authoritarian stability".
"Russia has turned to China as a growing and necessary key strategic partner. Russia and China share a fear of, and common hostility toward the US and its system of alliances," according to it.
Beijing and Moscow share an affinity for "authoritarian stability and aligned views on opposing international norms regarding human rights, cyber and space", the paper contended.
The study recommends the State Department should spearhead "influence operations," including "sowing divisions" between Moscow and Beijing.
"The US should bilaterally engage Russia to peel them away from China's orbit. The US can work with Russia in ways that improve the US-Russia relationship without detracting from European efforts to balance and deter," it said.
Though the study does not offer any direct criticism of President Donald Trump, it has come days after Trump's meeting with Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.
The study also said that Russia has launched "several cyber and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks".
It felt that the US should work with European allies to strengthen telecommunications and electrical infrastructure to preclude "Russian preemptive attacks". (ANI)