US President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden

US working with 'like-minded allies' India, Japan on Myanmar coup

ANI | Updated: Feb 03, 2021 01:37 IST

By Reena Bhardwaj
Washington [US], February 3 (ANI): Assessing the recent developments in Myanmar, United States senior State Department officials on Tuesday said they are frequently in contact with "like-minded allies and partners" in the region including India and Japan.
The President Joe Biden-led administration declared on Tuesday that the military takeover of the government in Myanmar was a coup, and threatened to reinstate sanctions and a review of US assistance to the Southeast Asian country.
"We have certainly been in frequent contact with our like-minded allies and partners in the region; you mentioned Japan and India," a state department official told reporters.
Responding to a question, the official said the US was in touch with countries which have "good relations" with the Myanmar military, such as India and Japan.
"We're having daily ongoing conversations with them and we certainly appreciate that some other countries have better contact with Burmese military than we do, so we're continuing those conversations," the official added.

Biden and senior administration officials had earlier condemned the military takeover that took place on Monday morning but refrained from immediately calling it a coup.
The President said on Monday the United States may re-impose sanctions on Myanmar in connection with the most recent coup there.
In a statement dated Monday, Biden said that Washington will "stand up for democracy wherever it is under attack."
"The military's seizure of power in Burma, the detention of Aung San Suu Kyi and other civilian officials, and the declaration of a national state of emergency are a direct assault on the country's transition to democracy and the rule of law," Biden said in a statement.
"The United States removed sanctions on Burma over the past decade based on progress toward democracy. The reversal of that progress will necessitate an immediate review of our sanction laws and authorities, followed by appropriate action. The United States will stand up for democracy wherever it is under attack," the President added.
Myanmar's military launched the coup on Monday morning and detained State Counsellor Aun Sang Suu Kyi and President Win Myint and other National League for Democracy (NLD) leaders.
The military announced a one-year state of emergency and vowed to "take action" against alleged voter fraud during the November 8 general election. Suu Kyi's NLD party won the election. (ANI)