US Former NSA John Bolton
US Former NSA John Bolton

WHO an "accomplice" to China in covering up Coronavirus: Former Trump aide

ANI | Updated: Apr 08, 2020 03:19 IST

Washington [US], Apr 07 (ANI): John Bolton, a former advisor to US President Donald Trump, has accused WHO of acting as "an accomplice" of China in concealing information regarding the deadly virus and asked for the resignation of the agency's Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
Taking to Twitter on Monday, the Former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, who has repeatedly blamed China for 'lying' about the novel coronavirus outbreak, said Ghebreyesus has misled the world by blindly trusting a communist regime intent on deception.
"The @WHO is an accomplice to China's massive coverup of Covid19. That's why I support efforts by @marcorubio & @tedcruz pushing for the resignation of WHO director-general. He misled the world by blindly trusting a communist regime intent on deception," Bolton Tweeted.
Both US Senator Ted Cruz and his fellow Republican Senator Marco Rubio, whom Bolton mentioned in his tweet, have expressed skepticism on the current WHO leadership.
Cruz previously claimed that "a reevaluation of WHO leadership is urgently called for", after the GOP lawmaker alleged that the world health agency "lost its credibility by consistently bending to the Chinese Communist Party". Cruz's claims were echoed by Rubio.
The WHO is being accused around the world for hiding facts and working as a China's companion in letting the virus spread globally.
It is evident by the fact that despite the early sign that the virus spread through human and human transmission, the WHO refuted the fact till late January. It also delayed in announcing the health emergency.
Coronavirus which has brought the entire world to a halt was first originated in China in December, killing 3,300 people. Experts believe that China allowed coronavirus to spread around the world by delaying and deceiving the information regarding the outbreak about the virus.
Now the virus has infected around 1.3 million around the world and killed 75000 people. And this count is mounting.
New York-based writer Wilfred Chan wrote for The Nation accused WHO of ignoring the early warnings. Despite early warnings from Taiwanese officials, the organization kept the island cut off from its global information networks at China's behest and now the whole world is paying the price of it.
Recently, Japan becomes the first country to highlight the unscrupulous collision of the Chinese Communist Party and the WHO.
Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso had said that the World Health Organisation should change its name. It shouldn't be called the WHO, it should be renamed the Chinese Health Organization (CHO). (ANI)