Children spend more on soft drinks than games, toys

Updated:11 months ago IST

New Delhi, Feb 17 (ANI): Children aged between seven and 15 spend more money on soft drinks than on games, toys and hobbies, a recent survey said. Youngsters on average spent 91p per week on soft drinks, compared with 77p on games, toys and hobbies, 57p on computer consoles and software and 54p on confectionery, SKY News cited an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey, carried out between 2015 and 2017, as shown. The figures relate to childhood obesity amid concerns that youngsters are consuming too many unhealthy snacks and soft drinks. More than half (56 percent) of children bought at least one soft drink in a typical fortnightly period and older children were more likely to do so. They spent 48 percent money on confectionery such as chocolate and sweets over two weeks. On average, children between seven and 15 spent 12.40 pounds a week, with seven-year-olds typically spending 7.40 pounds and 15-year-old spending 25 pounds. The biggest outlays were on clothes and shoes, followed by school dinners, and then soft drinks. The British Soft Drinks Association said manufacturers had voluntarily agreed in 2016 not to advertise any drinks high in sugar to under-16s across all media channels.

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