Coffee scent can help boost analytical performance

Updated:6 months ago IST

New Delhi, Jul 18 (ANI): A new study led by researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology highlighted the hidden force behind the scent of coffee. The study suggests an apparent cognitive boost in the field of analytical tasks and the expectation that students will perform better on those tasks. The team of the researchers administered a 10-question GMAT algebra test in a computer lab to about 100 undergraduate business students, divided into two groups. Group one took the test in presence of an ambient coffee-like scent. While a control group took the same test in an unscented room. They found that group one scored significantly higher on the test. A researcher said Olfaction is one of our most powerful senses. Further suggesting that, employers, architects, building developers, retail space managers and others, can use subtle scents to help shape employees’ experience with their environment. The team also designed a follow-up survey, conducted among more than 200 new participants, quizzing them on beliefs about various scents and their perceived effects on human performance. Participants believed they would feel more alert and energetic in the presence of a coffee scent, versus a flower scent or no scent at all. Exposure to coffee scent would increase their performance on mental tasks. The results suggested that expectations on performance can be explained by beliefs that coffee scent alone makes people more alert and energetic. Also, coffee may lessen our risk of heart disease, diabetes, and dementia and help us live longer.

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