Mind-body therapies can help teens with anxiety

Updated:5 months, 4 weeks ago IST

New Delhi, Jul 28 (ANI): Turns out, biofeedback, mindfulness, yoga, and hypnosis provide a promising approach to the very common problem of anxiety in adolescents. Researchers stated that the currently recommended treatments for adolescent anxiety i.e. cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressant medications have important limitations. Anxiety and fear are typical reactions to the academic, social, and developmental challenges that are common during the adolescent years. Clinical or pathological anxiety is excessive, persistent, and disruptive. While anxiety is often situational and time-limited, many teens develop chronic anxiety lasting six months or longer. Mind-body therapies encompass self-regulation and positive thinking to help promote self-control, physical health, and emotional well-being. These therapies can also help to meet the "dire need" for affordable and accessible mental health strategies in pediatric primary care.

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